Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cyclostravaganza 2007, Day 6: Arcadia NS to Shelburne NS

(Almost all my baggage, stuffed to the max, except the bento-box tucked inside one of the others.)

A day of rain: there was some rain as I was getting going, some rain or and off all day long, and torrential rain upon arrival in Shelburne at the Provincial Park. (Finally I would get to stay in a provincial or state park!)

It was a somewhat unremarkable ride today. I had started out on Route 3 from Arcadia through Ste-Anne-du-Ruisseau and on till Argyle, but the scenery was nothing special, so I switched to Highway 103 to minimise distance. I would really have liked to explore the Pubnicos, Shag Harbour, and Cape Sable Island, but I really didn't think I had enough time. I thought about going into Barrington, but the signs made me change my mind. Even though I had a tent with me, the promise of a tent meeting at 7:00 PM did not appeal to me.

There was a beautiful scene in Clyde River; the water was as glass, mirroring perfectly the meadows, trees, and sky.

As I was almost pulling into Shelburne, I got another message from Gretchen to check how I was faring. I declined the offer to pick me up - it was hard to resist the offer of a halibut dinner! - and told her I was doing fine. Message sent, and the rain started. Aaargh! The provincial park was rather attractive, and I set my tent up in the rain.

I set off into town for supper at a Chinese-Canadian restaurant. The food was good but nothing outstanding; however, I liked the fortune: "Taking a chance at something new in the near future will pay off." Hmmm, I was thinking about canoe camping that day...

I continued on to the grocery store for breakfast fixings, and paper towels to sop up any infiltrations that hopefully wouldn't happen. I passed by a wonderfully funny sign on a convenience store:

I stopped in town and admired some beautiful 18th century (I think) houses and buildings on the waterfront. It was sunset, and the views were stunning of the harbour and looking across to the provincial park where my campground was located.

MXS 54.9
AVS 22.7
DST 91.05
TM 3:59:58
DEP 10:45 AM
ARR 5:45 PM

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